Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


You can only return a product if it is defective upon arrival. If you simply do not like it for any other reason, you will be given merchandise credit only.


Damage occasionally occurs during shipping. Scrapes, dents, and rips in the outer packaging that could indicate possible damage should be described to the carrier at the time of delivery. If damage to the product seems apparent, the shipment should be refused. FABRIC DYE-LOT AND LIGHTING VARIATION: Fabric dyes may vary slightly from run to run. This is a normal and unavoidable. Different lighting types and lighting direction may cause the fabric you chose on the website to appear slightly different than the actual fabric does in full sunlight.


To avoid disappointment and frustration, please triple check all measurements to assure that your awning will fit properly in the location you intend. Please make sure that you have at least 1’-2’ extra wide area available to install the awning and also make sure that you have enough open space for the projection.

HAZARDOUS MATERIAL QUALIFICATIONS: None. 30 RETURNS/ORDER EXCEPTION CONTACT: Customer Service: Phone (585)233-3548 email bstproducts@bstproductsinc.com. TO ACQUIRE A RETURN OR REPAIR AUTHORIZATION NUMBER YOU MUST GO THROUGH OUR WARRANTY PROCESS BELOW • Email or mail a photo of the damaged parts to: EMAIL: bstproducts@bstproductsinc.com. DETERMINING AWNING SIZE AND PLACING AN ORDER • Keep in mind that the wider the area the more space to arrange and entertain you will have and the more shade you will receive. • Measure the flat space where you wish to place the awning. That space must be at least 8’-0” off the surface of the patio and is typically lower than 10’-0”. • Every horizontal space on a wall must be at least 9.5” tall for the Maui model and 10.5” for the Destin model. • Every horizontal space on a fascia must be at least 5” high. • Every horizontal space under an eave must be at least 5” deep (if this is your choice you will need to purchase different brackets). • The space of your choice must not cross a window, shutter, door or any other obstacle. Options for Upgrading Your Awning • 12’ Projection for the sizes starting 14’ wide and above • Motor and Wireless Control • Wind Sensor • Adjustable Pitch Crank System • Hood • Breeze Supports Placing your order • How do I place an order? You can visit www.bstawnings.com or call our office at (585)233-2548. How long does it take to receive your retractable awning? During peak season (March-September) your awning will take 2 weeks to ship and then 4 business days to receive after that. During off-season months (October-February), we ship in 1 week and your awning is received 4 business days after that. Make sure you provide a cell number when placing your order. Your awning will be delivered by an LTL carrier and they will call ahead to make an appointment for delivery