We Make Quality Affordable


    At BST Products Inc. your satisfaction is our number one priority. As a top awning distributor in Upstate New York we have worked tirelessly since 2001 to bring our customers a quality product and peace of mind. This is why our awnings are crafted out of the best electronics, materials and parts available and are proudly constructed and assembled right here in the USA. Our awning’s frames are electrostatically powder coated non-rusting aircraft aluminum, components are all 316 marine grade stainless steel and we exclusively use only 100% acrylic fabrics to ensure our customer’s investment stands the test of time.
    Our commitment to you includes giving you the best products at the lowest prices on the web. We don’t spend our money on TV advertising or pass these savings on to multiple country wide distributors; instead we keep our cost down and pass the savings on to our customers. We rely on referrals from our existing customers and the World Wide Web to get the word out across the continental US. Our awnings are designed to be easily be installed by the customer and are guaranteed to last. When the awning arrives it will have been fully factory tested and completely assembled ready for installation. Over the years our awnings can be kept looking as good as the day they were installed by cleaning them with a garden hose, a soft brush, and mild detergent at the start of every spring season.
    If after reviewing our web site you are unsure which awning model is right for you, our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to assist you. Call us today at (585)233-3548 to assist you in deciding which awning model and accessory is right for your unique needs and budget. Orders can be made either by using our user friendly web site or by phone. Once you decide on a model and are prepared to purchase, we will be happy to provide you with free fabric samples so you can be sure the fabric you select is the one you will be happy with for years to come.

   Don’t be captive in your air conditioned home when the hot summer temperatures arrive. Consider purchasing a BST awning that will allow you, your family, pets and friends to enjoy the lazy hot summer days and evenings sitting on your deck or patio for many summers to come. 

At BST Awnings you can expect:
A Large Selection of Awning Products
Affordable Prices to Fit Your Budget
Quality Craftsmanship
Exceptional Customer Service
Knowledgeable & Friendly Staff